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Merrill O'Sullivan Law Firm in Bend OR

About Our Firm

Merrill O’Sullivan, LLP is a premier, mid-sized law firm located in the heart of Bend, Oregon’s Old Mill District. Just as the Old Mill District has transformed itself to meet the needs of a new and changing world, our location in the Old Mill District symbolizes our grounding in Central Oregon’s past, and the commitment by our attorneys to meet the changing and challenging needs of its future.

In 1974, Max Merrill and Terry O’Sullivan formed a law partnership in Bend, Oregon. Originally they were located in downtown Bend and focused on business, real estate and other general practice areas. As the world and Bend changed, so too did the firm and its areas of practice. We have added partners David Petersen, Stephen Dixon, David Brown, and Peter Christoff to our firm. Attorney Heather J. Turk has joined us as an associate, and Attorney Richard W. Funk has joined us of counsel. We continue to focus on our traditional areas of practice, with an emphasis on business, corporate, real estate, family law, estate planning and probate matters.

Merrill O’Sullivan, LLP has continued to grow to meet our clients’ legal, business, and personal needs. We currently have six attorneys, several of whom have practiced together for nearly four decades. We provide outstanding legal representation as well as an emphasis on personalized client service. We understand our clients’ needs and are committed to them as individuals. We have technical knowledge of the law, apply a holistic approach to solving legal problems, and have a practical, intimate knowledge of the people and businesses of Central Oregon.

As Central Oregon grows, the community continues to be challenged with diverse and complex problems. Our firm’s history and aptitude give us a solid foundation upon which to stand and help our clients to meet the complex issues of the future. We provide clients with the knowledge and expertise to help meet such challenges. Merrill O’Sullivan, LLP is dedicated to providing high quality legal services to our diverse clientele in a prompt, efficient and affordable manner.

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