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Practice Areas

Practice Areas:

Our trusts and estates team helps clients achieve their goals, protect their assets, and minimize tax liability and expense through sound planning and administration.

Our litigation team helps businesses and individuals resolve disputes in a pragmatic, solutions-oriented manner. They have significant experience handling cases in the state and federal courts of Oregon.

Our family law team helps clients resolve divorce- and custody-related legal matters in a personable, solutions-oriented manner.

Our business team helps clients achieve their goals by forming and maintaining business entities, thoughtfully negotiating deal terms, drafting effective agreements, and identifying and mitigating risks.

Our real estate team helps clients achieve their goals by planning, negotiating and documenting purchase and sale transactions, financing arrangements, leases, easements, and related matters.

Our Attorneys

Terrence O’Sullivan

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Peter A. Christoff

peter-christoff 2

Alan N. Stewart

alan-stewart 2

David E. Petersen

Heather J. Turk

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Ryan P. Correa

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David G. Brown

david-g-brown 2

Richard W. Funk

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Eric Taylor

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