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Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions attorney Bend OregonMerrill O’Sullivan Stewart real estate practice is as diverse and reflective as the ever-changing Central Oregon economy. Our real estate practice is integrated into our firm’s other practice areas as real estate issues often arise in litigation, corporate transactions, and estate planning matters. We represent clients regarding all areas of real estate law, whether it be large or small real estate developers in all aspects of their development activities, lenders, banks, landlords, tenants, individual owners, and managers of office, commercial and industrial properties.

We are highly skilled in forming the development of entities, negotiating and documenting real estate sales, acquisitions, and financings. We resolve loan and lien issues, title issues, boundary and adverse possession claims, real estate sale and purchase disputes, and negotiate real estate sale and purchase transactions. We handle foreclosures, quiet title claims, road and access issues, leasing disputes, breaches of purchase and sale agreements, specific performance actions, lis pendens lawsuits, escrow litigation, real estate deposit cases, boundary disputes, encroachment issues, adverse possession, easement litigation, deed disputes and quiet title actions, and zoning and land use lawsuits. We also represent both commercial and residential landlords and tenants in various aspects of their transactions. We also have significant experience working with lenders and property owners on foreclosure-related issues.

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